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Requesting a self-moderated board.

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:59 pm
by Tuna
So you're interested in requesting your very own board? Well that's great! But first there's some things you should know...

First of all, there's some requirements that you need to fit into... they're pretty simple, but also pretty mandatory.
  • You must be a member for at least a week(7 days).
  • You must have at least 20 posts.
  • You must have a karma of above (something).

You fit all these requirements? Great!, but you're not quite there yet!

You have to fill out this application forum and send it to me before your board can be considered by the staff.
Board name:
Board Description(To be shown under board name):
Purpose for board:
Up to 2 other moderators aside from yourself:
Any other misc information you think may be of use for the voting procedure:

Once you send this form to me, it will then be voted on by the Community staff.
It may take from 1-3 weeks for the voting to come to a conclusion, but no more.

All user-moderated boards go into the misc category, they're still subject to staff moderation, if to a lesser extent.
If a board is deemed non-serious/spammy, users will no longer receive a post count from their posts in the board.

User moderated boards will be checked for activity by staff, if it fails to meet our standards, it will receive a warning, and then later on it will be removed, board owners can appeal this.

Boards that have been flagged as inactive, and then later on removed from the main page, will be moved to a private part of the forum, owners then can appeal to get the board back.
You may only appeal to get your board back once.

If you have further questions, please ask here.